Whether you’re moving to Dayton or have been living in the city for quite some time, you may find yourself with some extra belongings needing a place to stay —  a place out of the way and hassle-free. This is where self-storage comes into play, and who better to work with than a family-operated company that treats you like, well, family?

With more than 70 years of experience, our professionals at Lewis & Michael have provided quality service. We are fully licensed and insured with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Our Dayton storage facilities consist of 365 units, including climate-controlled storage and RV parking. When you store with Lewis & Michael, you have 24/7 access to your items, and your items have 24/7 security with our surveillance cameras stationed throughout the facility.

Benefits of Self-Storage

Choosing a self-storage facility allows you to clear space in your home while making room for more of the people and things you love. While warehouse storage offers space for industrial needs, self-storage is ideal for small businesses, families or individuals who can freely access their unit as desired.

Benefits of using a self-storage

  • Saves money and its cost-effective option centered around your budget
  • Easily accessible that allows you to make up your own access hours, coming and going as you please.
  • Safe and secure storage 
  • Store your stuff as you like

Preparing for Storage

Perhaps you have decided self-storage is a great option for you right now, but how do you choose where to store your items? Take a step back and write a list of all the things you plan to keep in your unit and for how long. This will help you to better understand your storage needs.

Before choosing your storage unit, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need a temperature-controlled or climate-controlled unit?
  • How much space do I need to store my items?
  • What kind of security does the storage company have?
  • Do I need 24/7 access to my unit?


When choosing to use self-storage units, it’s important to note a few tips, tricks, and general guidelines when using either long term or short term storage:

  • Store furniture in climate-controlled units only.
  • Pack items in proper boxes and tape them.
  • Use high-quality locks on your unit.
  • Leave doors open on refrigerators and microwaves to prevent mildew.
  • Store anything combustible (such as chemicals or paint) to permanent seal.
  • Stack items directly against the wall, or on the floor, to leave room for some air flow in the unit.
  • Place mothballs in boxes.  They could leave stains on clothing.
  • Give untrustworthy sources access codes or keys to your storage unit.

Storage Supplies for Sale

When choosing self-storage with Lewis & Michael, we not only provide top-quality customer service, but we offer storage supplies for your convenience. Supplies for sale includes:

  • Locks: $15.00
  • Book Box: $1.50
  • Medium Box: $3.00
  • Large Box: $3.50
  • Dish Pack:$5.50
  • 2 piece Mirror Box: $6.30
  • Tape: $2.30


Our Lewis & Michael family is prepared to assist you in your self-storage needs. We are fully licensed and insured and even have an A+ rating from the BBB. In short,  you can trust us, and we pride ourselves on our top-quality service. You’ll find Lewis & Michael right at the top.

Are you ready to reserve your self-storage unit today? Visit our sister-site at, email us at, or call us at (937) 254-7867